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I love beans. I’m not sure if this is a Tex-Mex thing or not, but I particularly love refried beans. To be even more specific, I love refried black beans.

“Oh no, Jade! Doesn’t that mean your beans are full of nasty animal lard?”

Fear not, wise veg-heads, I have the magical ability to turn this:

Into this:

Alright. Now this is going to annoy some of you so bear with me.


I pre-soaked the beans overnight. Then I drained them and cooked them in water several inches above the beans in my slow cooker, on low, while I was away at school and then kept them going until I felt they were tender enough so maybe 8 hours total. Then I sauted about a large clove of minced garlic on a lightly PAM’d skillet for a minute until it browned then I added the beans and remaining water. I let it cook while I mashed the beans with the back of a very large spoon. Next thing you knew, I had refried beans without gross lard there trying to clog your pores and give you a heart attack.

You’re welcome. ;D