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My poor boyfriend J has been very patient with all of my vegan food experimenting. However, he is an omni, through and through. Now matter how hard I try, I cannot convince my East Texas sweetie to try out the glorious life of an herbivore. Oh well. Until then, I have to keep a little list of Boyfriend Approved recipes. Today was successful with the Tempeh Sausage Crumbles and the Pumpkin Waffles (pictured) from the ladies over at ThePPK.com. Thank you, ladies for making it so much easier to feed myself and my dear, sweet omni boyfriend at the same time.


Peanut Butter. I can’t even begin to describe my love for it. There is something about the rich, creamy (or creamy and crunchy) texture of this delightful nut.

So yes, I have a problem. I can’t get enough peanut butter in my system. It’s just such a versatile item. You can do anything with it!

Look: It’s like the figurines on a wedding cake. Except it’s celery. And Peanut Butter. Which is even better. (OOPS! I messed up the picture but I’ll fix it when I get back from class! Just tilt your head sideways and you can still appreciate it’s deliciousness!)

How can you say no? You don’t. (Unless you have an allergy, then my condolences)