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So I just wanted to talk about how awesome my J-Face is. We celebrated our one year anniversary a little less than two weeks ago and we’re still going strong. He has been so thoughtful of my veganism that he will even try new restaurants such as this local Mediterranean restaurant where I had lots of nom noms. It was there that I realized that I love hummus way too much. Maybe this blog should be renamed “Hummus & Jade” Hah.


My poor boyfriend J has been very patient with all of my vegan food experimenting. However, he is an omni, through and through. Now matter how hard I try, I cannot convince my East Texas sweetie to try out the glorious life of an herbivore. Oh well. Until then, I have to keep a little list of Boyfriend Approved recipes. Today was successful with the Tempeh Sausage Crumbles and the Pumpkin Waffles (pictured) from the ladies over at ThePPK.com. Thank you, ladies for making it so much easier to feed myself and my dear, sweet omni boyfriend at the same time.