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Low Carb AND Vegan?

Yes, yes. I have revisited tofu. This time, I made it slightly healthier by following

Vegan Dad’s Baked Tofu For Kids recipe. Except I used TVP as the breading.

Served over a bed of stirfry veggies. Jealous? I know you are.


I’m very weak when it comes to my favorite foods. One thing I’m addicted to (besides peanut butter), would definitely have to be tofu that’s breaded, and deep fried and delicious. The boyfriend says it’s like “friend snot” but I don’t care. He doesn’t like good things anyways.

Basic idea (as opposed to a recipe):

Firm or Extra Firm Tofu
Whole Wheat Flour (or other Flours)
Frying Oil of Choice (I use Canola or Olive Oil)

1. Take out tofu.
2. Cut it up to desired cube-like size.
3. Put whole wheat flour in a small bowl.
4. Roll cubed tofu in the flour until all sides are dusted.
5. Heat up oil in skillet or other frying device.
6. Fry tofu until crispy!

Next, I will try a healthier, low carb version involving TVP breadcrumbs and ovens. And no, I don’t use any sort of seasonings. Theoretically, you could add spices to the flour mix but I just dip my fried tofu in a mix of soy sauce and vinegar.