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So I just wanted to talk about how awesome my J-Face is. We celebrated our one year anniversary a little less than two weeks ago and we’re still going strong. He has been so thoughtful of my veganism that he will even try new restaurants such as this local Mediterranean restaurant where I had lots of nom noms. It was there that I realized that I love hummus way too much. Maybe this blog should be renamed “Hummus & Jade” Hah.


This is my 19th post and I have about 3 hours left to complete my quota. I am lame and did not do anything festive because I’ve been in the studios with the Dallas Black Dance Theater and sooo have not had time to cook. Wah. So I’ll just present you with food porn.

Vegan French Toast (Ezekiel Bread, mmm) and Tempeh Bacon

Tempeh Bacon on a bed of Baby Spinach

I feel like I am cheating by making all of these random tiny posts, but I don’t care. I just wanted to add that celery + salsa = delicious low carb, low calorie win.

In other news, I’ve started rehearsals for my choreography project. I am super excited and now super busy. Heh.

Delicious Pumpkin Butter!

Forgive the blurry photograph. I was all too excited about the DELICIOUS PUMPKIN BUTTER* I had just made! I put some of this on some Wasa Crispbread and munched until I could no longer munch. Om nom nom!

That’s right. Be jealous.

* If you don’t like cooking things in the microwave, you won’t like this method. There are other ways. I use this method to use up all of my “left over” pumpkin from other recipes.

Alright, Nooch. You win this time.

Baked Nooch Encrusted Vegetarian Mock Duck (canned Seitan)

Nutritional Yeast. I don’t get it. It sounds awesome. It has this strange musky smell, though. And the taste its somewhat bitter. Right now, I’ve got Asian canned seitan that’s been covered in Nooch. Will it taste good? We’ll see in about 10 minutes…

Anyways, what are some other awesome ways to use nooch besides making cheeze sauces or sprinkling it on stuff?